Frequently asked questions


Is natural skincare products better for the health of your skin?

Clean and non-toxic ingredients are better for your skin. They reduce exposure to harmful ingredients, lowers your risk of skin irritation, safer for sensitive skin and contains skin-healthy ingredients. Of course, it is also better for the environment! The FDA allows chemicals known to cause thryoid problems and cancer including parabens, oxybenzone, phthalates, BHA, BHT, siloxanes and more, in small doses, to be used in products that we use on ourselves.

Do manufacturers list all toxic ingredients in their skincare products?

Some toxic ingredients are not listed in the entire ingredient list. Consumers are demanding more transparency so in the next couple of years harmful ingredients will have to be listed. More and more skincare companies are delisting harmful ingredients in their products.

Where is Pure and Simple made?

Made in Toronto, Canada. Founder, Jean Eng's skincare philosophy is based on Ayurveda, a holistic health modality from India that emphasized the relationship between our mind, body + spirit. What we put on our skin is absorded into our bodies' circulatory system, meaning it can contribute or detract our overall health.

Water Filters

Are water filters really necessary to clean your tap water?

Tap water treated by municipal water treatment plants are safe but do not filter out all the less harmful substances. In tap water It is possible for certain contaminants to exist in the drinking water which can heighten your risk of developing certain health conditions and diseases. Water filters filter out over 200 contaminants including mercury, lead, copper, chromium, pharmaceuticals, microorganisms, chlorine, bacteria, microplastics and more.

Do you need to replace your water filters often?

Water filter products include one filter. Depending on the product, filters are replaced every six months, 12 months or 1 to 2 years. They are BPA and BPS free and easy to replace the filter element.

Say goodbye to all plastic bottled water.

Great for the environment!