Sustainable Energy

 Established in 1984.  Leading Canadian   environmental non-profit organization. Works   with provincial and federal governments,     industry and individuals to: 

  • Defend clean water and safeguard Canada's freshwater

  • End plastic pollution

  • Decrease Canadians exposure to toxic chemicals

  • Tackle Climate Change

  • Promote clean energy alternatives

  • Build a clean economy

  • Create more livable communities

  •  And more!

Boy with Calf
Animal Justice
Establish in 2008.  Canada's only national animal law non-profit organization working to protect animals from cruelty and neglect.​
  • This talented team of dedicated animal lawyers defends animals in court, pushes for stronger laws
  • Works to ensure animal protection laws are vigorously enforced
  • Supports the transition to a plant-based food system that will greatly benefit animals, our health and the environment 
  • Works to help reduce the probability of new pandemics
  • Reminds us that animals are sentient, with complex emotions, distinct personalities and social creatures ​
  • And more!