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Natural Soap and Flowers
Natural.  All Eco Friendly. 

 ABOUT KatEco Life

50 years ago I started to worry about pollution and overpopulation.  Over the years, business success was wonderful and paid the bills, but I always felt a calling to do something more, for our environment and our world - something that could make a difference for the next generation.  At this point in my life, I could enjoy my retirement years, but this to me is a lot more fun and fulfilling!  My mission at KatEco Life is simple -  to find ways to make our lives more sustainable and environmentally friendly without sacrificing the life we love.  Rethinking what we wear, what we eat, what we purchase, our means of transportation and more. Together we can learn, grow, share and contribute ideas to help our planet and also add meaning to our busy lives.  The name KatEco Life was inspired by my two wonderful children.  The Eco-products I am selling online include Pure and Simple skincare, water filters and WORLD hair products.  50% of commission sales will go to two remarkable non-profit organizations, both are working hard for a better future for us all.

Environmental Defence


Animal Justice

"Every one can make a difference"

Elinor Laffey

KatEco Life Founder